Enjoy the “Macaron Rungis” : Rungis Sticker!

Be an ambassador for quality!

Rungis International Market is pleased to have been offering its buyers a year-marked sticker system – a symbol of expertise and quality – for over 10 years now.

Product quality is more important to buyers and their customers now than it has even been. As traders and restaurateurs you insist upon selecting your products at Rungis Market in order to ensure the highest possible levels of freshness, security and variety on a daily basis.

Rungis Market will work alongside you to showcase quality and expertise, as well as to highlight your social and environmental commitments, because displaying the Rungis Sticker shows that you are different. It shows that you are a committed and demanding local business that values quality and strives to make our food supplies more sustainable.

It conveys a unique message and the image used is identical for all businesses, making it more effective and easier to memorise. We would encourage you to display your sticker in your window right away; after all, quality matters as much to Rungis as it does to you!